Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics Co., Ltd.

                                                              ADDRESS:NO.9 Xixi Industry Zone, Hongqiao, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province/China

                                                              TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330    

                                                              E-MAIL:[email protected] [email protected]


                                                              Warehouse keeper:
                                                              1, have more than one year working experience in warehouse management, familiar with warehouse operation process;
                                                              2, has strong data concept, familiar with ERP system;
                                                              3, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can bear strong work pressure;
                                                              4, age 22-28 years old, high school or technical secondary school or above;
                                                              5, female, electronic factory warehouse management experience is preferred;
                                                              6, the company provides accommodation, the package in the dinner.
                                                              Quality engineer:
                                                              Three at least 1 years working experience in electronic QE engineering;
                                                              2 technical secondary school or above, 25-32 years old, familiar with the operation of CAD software;
                                                              3 familiar with the quality management system, deal with customer complaints have rich experience;
                                                              4 electronic connector plug in work experience is preferred.
                                                              5, the company provides accommodation, the package in the dinner.

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                                                              TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330 FAX:+86-0577-62335613 E-mail:[email protected] [email protected]
                                                              Technical support:BOYUAN

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